Royal enfield modification

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Royal enfield modification

Ever since its launch, both the bikes have made quite the splash in the Indian market. However, there hasn't been an example of the cc bike being modified so far. As we know, Royal Enfield motorcycles are a fast favourite among customizers and modification shops across India. Now that they are slowly and steadily making their way to the international market, independent customizers are picking up this classic ageless product and giving making it look drool-worthy.

5 accessories & mods that Royal Enfield 650 buyers must consider

Subscribe here for latest automobile videos and reviews! This beasts got a Royal Enfield piston for a speedometer housing and an RD Piston machined into a tail lightboth these legends of the past came to mind while creating this Custom twin so just had to incorporate them in the buildand to do justice to the HOOLIGAN theme we've added a knuckle duster to the front brake lever just in case a brawl breaks out!

Enter Bulleteer Customs! This modification house has created a scrambler styled bike based on the Royal Enfield Interceptorwhich to put it plainly, looks drop dead gorgeous. Bulleteer Customs is already known to have created memorable Royal Enfield customisations in India, and this modded Interceptor seems to follow suit. It has been named 'Hooligan' by the modification house, and there couldn't be a more appropriate name for the modified bike.

Interestingly, there's even a knuckle duster attached to the front brake lever! How cool is that? When it comes to looks, the bike takes the look of a typical scrambler with thick-walled tyres, mid-mounted exhaust pipe and a minimalistic design overall. The front gets gold-finished USD forks with a short fender and a new disk brake unit.

There's also a new headlight which is completely LED and the all-digital instrument console.

royal enfield modification

The tail light is housed in a piston which belongs to the legendary Yamaha RD There's a new seat as well which has a tan shade and is a single piece unit. The paint job is also done tastefully with the white and black combination and tank with vertical stripes also look dapper.

What really takes the looks to another level is the twin-scrambler-styled exhaust pipes. The Royal Enfield Twins are powered by the biggest and most powerful engine built by the Indian motorcycle manufacturer after becoming an Indian brand. The cc engine is capable to produce 47 horsepower and 52 Nm of torque and is mated to a 6-speed gearbox.

Royal Enfield Standard 350 Lamination - Bullet Modification - Vwraps Sikar -

The duo is said to have a mileage of Click here to contribute to the cause. Subscribe to News18 Daybreak. Follow Us On. Bulleteer Customs is already known to have created memorable Royal Enfield customisations in India, and this modified Interceptor seems to follow suit. View this post on Instagram. Share this:. Health Dep.Royal Enfield is more than a motorcycle to many in India. It is a lifestyle, a cult following that has come a long way since the beginning.

Royal Enfield has been in continuous production since its arrival in India in Most of us have grown up with an Enfield in our families. While most RE customers are happy with their stock motorcycles, there are some who yearn to make them stand out with aftermarket accessories or customisations. However, we advice motorcyclists to be careful that these accessories must not hinder the bike's performance or safety. Halo angel eyes are quite popular with Royal Enfield users.

Even if a customer is not keen on full customisation, the halo ring is a minimalistic add on that looks rather good. It is basically a ring of light in the headlamp cluster that is available at a price of about Rs Another addition can be fog lamps priced around Rsthat not only look good but also serve a purpose during foggy days. Image: Amazon India.

Accessories for Royal Enfield motorcycles are very popular and easily available on online shopping portals.

Creative Customisation

One of them that drastically changes the look of the motorcycle is a windshield, which also protects you from direct headwinds.

Another little trinket to change the look is a chrome finish headlamp grill. A windshield will set you back about Rs and the headlamp grill costs about Rsdepending upon the quality.

royal enfield modification

Those not satisfied with the stock wheels that come with their Royal Enfield motorcycle can go for aftermarket custom alloy wheels. A pair of such wheels will cost you as low as Rs Another cheap and quirky accessory we came across were handlebar end LED turn signals that are easily available at about Rs Image: above: Amazon, below: Ebay. Who doesn't like watches! While you buy one for yourself, maybe you would buy your motorcycle one too. A basic handlebar watch is priced at about Rs If you happen to be a tourer and ride far and long, having Google Maps within easy reach will help.

A mobile phone stand for a motorcycle handlebar is available at about Rs to Image: above: Amazon, below: Snapdeal. Royal Enfield also offers saddle bags for their motorcycles.

The starting price of these bags, which will come in handy for longer rides, is Rs While adding accessories to your motorcycle may be fun, riding gear should be dealt with first and Royal Enfield stores offer several helmets and gloves. A regular open face RE helmet will cost you Rswhile gloves are priced at Rs Royal Enfield also has riding jackets.

Pictured here is an Explorer Black V2 which is priced at Rs The buff pictured here is priced at Rs For more options on riding gear, head over to Royal Enfield India website.Royal Enfield has been in continuous production since its arrival in India inhence most of us have grown up watching our dads or grand dads riding one. It is more than a motorcycle to many in the country.

A lifestyle, a cult following, Royal Enfield has come a long way since its inception and is one of the oldest motorcycle brands in the world. While most RE customers are happy with their stock motorcycles, there are some who yearn to make them better aftermarket parts and accessories.

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However, we advice motorcyclists to be careful that these parts must not hinder the bike's safety. Here is a list of popular performance upgrades that a rider can opt for:. Tyres can make a huge difference on a motorcycle's ride quality. If you choose knobby tyres, it would be great for off road usage but will not provide a very smooth ride on tarmac. And smooth, sticky tyres will be appropriate for off road. Hence, one needs to be pick tyres based on requirements and even if there is no specific need, a set of better tyres to enhance grip will never make you regret.

A good branded rear tyre will cost about Rs Image: Amazon. Who doesn't want to enhance their motorcycle's exhaust note, but along with that free flowing exhaust gases can improve performance as well. Only pick exhausts from well recognised brands that provide these as a regular fitment in place of the stock canister.

It good exhaust will cost about Rs Image: Flybhp. Cleaner the air, the happier the engine will be. Fit your motorcycle with an effective air filter that helps clean the air that is sucked in by the engine. Image: KnN. If the view in front is well lit, the rider can be more confident at night. Hence, invest in a good headlamp that is easily available at prices ranging from Rs If not the headlamp cluster, one can also simply fit a more powerful bulb, keeping in mind the electric charge requirements of it.

An important prerequisite of this upgrade is that one must be careful not to pick duplicate Chinese headlamps and bulbs, which can damage the electric circuit of the motorcycles.You take your stock, single cylinder Royal Enfield Bullet and with the addition of this kit, turn it into a real, No, you're not going to challenge any of the boy racers out there, but compared to any stock Royal Enfield, you'll be the man to beat, seriously.

This thing is fast. A video showing an impromptu drag race between the ACE prototype and another modified Bullet makes it clear what a jump in horsepower and performance these modifications deliver, the ACE Fireball simply runs away from the other bike.

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This package was developed over the last 5 years to overcome the shortcomings of some other Royal Enfield modifications that were very race oriented, which meant lousy street manners and questionable reliability. RE owners wanted more performance but good manners and something that would last.

So, what exactly is the ACE Fireball ? The primary piece is the modified cylinder head. The development and engineering was done under the supervision of Joe Mondello, one of the most famous names in cylinder head modification.

In fact, each head is hand signed by Joe Mondello himself, and individually serial-numbered, they've even created a registry for documentation. Tom Lyons, one of the partners along with Sumanth Janardhan aka "Chummaji" behind the ACE, sent me a virtual truckload of information on the kit I think he's very proud of it! The work begins when the customer's cylinder head arrives. It is stripped and pressure cleaned.

The head gets new valve seats, the intake and exhaust ports are treated to a full Mondello high-velocity, high-flow porting job, and the seats get a new multi angle valve job. Custom stainless steel Manley Racing valves with narrower stems are installed in new valve guides with modern keepers holding the PAC Racing stress-relieved competition beehive springs.

The springs sit on hardened precision-ground spring shims with custom-made titanium upper valve spring retainers on the other end. There are also precision-ground hardened-steel lash caps over the tips of the valve stems and Viton valve stem seals control oil flow. This entire valve spring system is seated into a machined recess which is cut into the head casting for the purposes of making room for this very different valve spring set-up.

It is NOT a "drop-in" package, and there is considerable machine work needed to get this valve gear system into the head. This slows the heat transfer from the combustion chamber into the head casting, so the head runs cooler, and more heat is retained in the chamber to make more power.Forum Rules. Since '02 xBhp is different things to different people. From a close knit national community of bikers to India's only motorcycling lifestyle magazine and a place to make like minded biker friends.

We have one common religion - Bikeism. Forgot your password. Remember Me? Page 1 of 5 1 2 3 4 5 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Royal Enfield Bullet Modifications - Comprehensive guide bullet is a 's bike and runs like one.

These English made piston rings are made up of several rings for each groove. They give better compression and oil control especially if you have a worn bore. The reduced weight and friction coupled with the superior spring arrangement and alloy top collars allow a greater rev range.

The kit comprises of valves, springs, guides, collars and collets. Standard, advance and retarded.

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These 3 positions allow you to change the cam timing of your Bullet. Advancing the cam timing will give you low down torque for pulling power, whilst the retarded setting will push your peak power up the rev range giving you a better revving engine for more top end performance. However it has been specifically adapted to suit the standard chain drive.

It is an economical way to get a superb clutch without the expense of the full beltdrive kit. HC have converted this gearbox to a right foot gear change and have modified the internals to give the conventional 1 up 4 down gear change. HC have been testing this gearbox throughout and putting it through its paces on the road and track. With its completely new design, it has performed superbly.

royal enfield modification

It has vastly improved rideability and performance over the old 4 speed models. It comes complete with new style clutch centre, clutch cable, gear and kickstart lever etc. It is suitable for running higher wattage or halogen bulbs. Before you start throwing money and time at your Enfield to make it go faster, do a proper service and get the basic bike running as well as possible. See the technical page for advice. The standard Bullet comes with a fairly restrictive air intake and exhaust system, and many people change these.

The following set ups seem to work well, and will give a noticeable increase in performance at the middle and top end of the rev range. If you do any of this, always check the plug colour and ensure the mixture is correct. If the plug is ever white and flaky you are running way too lean and must stop using the bike until you have cured it.

This is the all alloy engine on the export only lean burn. It comes with a CV carb which is OK, there seems little point in trying to rejet this carb, people have tried but it doesn't offer much tuning potential.

Standard Bullets have heavy rockers. Changing them will not make the bike any faster but it will take a good deal of load off the cams and cam followers, so they are a good idea even on a standard engine. If you are getting into serious tuning and want higher revs, use the lighter rockers rather than stronger valve springs.

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There are some relatively inexpensive light rocker blocks made in India by a company called Samrat. The Samrat set comes with little seals to aid oiling, so make sure you fit them with the rockers. Oil Pumps. The Standard floating big end bearing requires lots and lots of oil to keep it happy. If you are using your bike hard or tuning it, don't over look the oil supply.Now you wish to modify something which will make a difference.

Whatever changes are made for styling purposes, it is important not to do anything that will cause unsafe riding characteristics. I have a cc classic black and I liked the first modification in green so can you tell me that how much this affect to my pocket.

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Hi I have bullet machismo and I would like to do some minor changes and repaint it. Hi guys. I was just passing by when i saw this post. I got my bike tailor made by Motokraft Customs. Right here in new delhi. Check them out. They did an awesome job and best part was the journey with them. Timely delivery and they are just wonderful to talk to. Check out their work on facebook…. I am having Bullet. Now I want to make altreation of vehicle pilot escort type.

How much amount I use to spent. Hey i own a latest model stone thunderbird cc and actually i want to modify it…bt having no idea how to modify it…. I am a final year student of iit kharagpur and working on my Mtech thessis and i need royal enfield chassis with dimension for my project. I have to draw chassis in solid works.

Royal Enfield Modification By EIMOR Customs — They've Built An Arsenal!

Your email address will not be published. Submit your story : inbox cc. Search for:. Read All Khalidaro Short Shift exhaust performance test. Planning to build a Chopper yourself? Royal Enfield Bullet Modification in India. Vardenchi to make Tron light cycles. I wana lift my front fork highers and farther. Are you looking for exchange of parts like. I want to alter classic petrol tank, look like electra, if it is possibile.

Can somebody suggest somebody who can do the same in limited time. Regards Arjun. Plz contact me for remodification of my classic Hi… i want to modify classic to carbon model….

I have standard bullet I want to modify pls tell me how much will it cost. And a good place to do it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.The Royal Enfield Twins have arrived at dealerships and the deliveries of the motorcycle, as announced by Siddhartha Lal, CEO, Royal Enfield at the launchwould start at the end of this month.

Initially, the bikes would be available in small numbers while large-scale deliveries commence from January The 40 official accessories offer comprehensive solutions for better convenience.

But there is always scope for improvement, and that is precisely what we talk about in this post. We list five accessories and modifications that every Interceptor INT and the Continental GT buyer should consider installing right after purchasing the motorcycle. We urge readers to take opinion on the legality and manufacturer warranty before modifying their rides.

Using tube tyres in is like listening to your music on a walkman in the times of Soundcloud and Spotify. While the wire-spoke wheels are very appealing, they come with the compromise of tube tyres. Thus, every time your prized possession suffers from a puncture, you would have to remove the entire wheel to fix the hole.

Moreover, suffering from a flat tyre at highway speeds could result in a severe crash. Cross-spoke wheels might sound like a perfect solution, but they are very expensive. The next best thing available without burning a massive hole in your bank account is aftermarket alloy wheels.

The Twins are not designed to be off-road machines, and alloy wheels are a perfect choice for those who prefer tarmac to gravel. Converting the wire-spoke wheels to enable the installation of tubeless tyres is another option. It would help you retain the retro look with the convenience of tubeless tyres.

YouTube has several tutorials that would help you do a quick DIY task to convert your wire-spoke wheels. Opt to take your motorcycle to experts for the conversion if you lack the technical knowledge.

However, there are better options available to select from in the aftermarket. A projector style headlight, similar to the unit seen on the Thunderbird range, would give the motorcycle a more modern look while retaining the retro-style round shape. Royal Enfield has been one of the preferred choices for long distance riding.

The biggest concern, however, during long distance rides is the lack of illumination on many roads. A pair of LED auxiliary lights would offer better lighting in dark conditions without putting a lot of strain on the battery. Ensure to use these only for long distance rides and not inside a city where you may cause inconvenience to fellow riders and drivers. Invest in a quality product for longevity and better performance. Long distance touring requires extra luggage carrying capacity.

To ensure that the soft saddlebags do not swing and damage themselves by contact with the rear wheel or the exhaust, get your bike a pair of saddle stays.

Several compact units are available in the aftermarket, but if you are a die-hard Royal Enfield fan, you can opt for the official accessories that include a Saddle Stay Kit. If you are not too concerned about compromising the retro look of the machine and money has never been a criterion before purchasing quality items, opt for hard case luggage panniers.

Compared to saddlebags, panniers would keep your belongings safer and dry. While the stock headlight gives the Twins a retro look, a Thunderbird style projector light would add a pinch of modern design to the package.

royal enfield modification

KTM Duke drag race [Video]. Another nifty addition to the motorcycles would be a USB charger that would come handy to recharge your devices on the go. Car Reviews Bike Reviews.


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