S10 rear disk brake conversion

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S10 rear disk brake conversion

If you dont want to spend and arm and a leg on a rear disc brake kit and still have to weld the bracket on, weve got you covered. Help is just a click away! Products to Compare max of 3 X. What's In The Kit. Add to Cart. In Stock. Ships FREE here for details and exclusions. Store Pickup Availability X. Lincoln, NE. Select your vehicle to verify fitment. Select a vehicle to verify fitment. Select Vehicle. Part Add to Buildlist. Click to Login. Build Your Kit You're almost there!

This kit has an option or two for you to select. Let us know which options you want for your new kit. Bolt Pattern:. Rotor Diameter:. Rotor Type:.While old muscle cars are cool, drum brakes are not. There probably isn't a breathed-on Camaro, Cutlass, Tempest, or Buick Special left in the world that doesn't already have front disc brakes. But we've noticed that rear drums are still hanging in there. Our pals who prowl purgatory yards have noticed that third-generation V8 Camaros and Firebirds were commonly fitted with generous rear disc brakes, This caliper and rotor package remained consistent between andoffering a year span of F-bodies from which to choose.

Upgrading your GM to Rear Disc Brakes The simplest plan is to find a rear disc brakes donor Camaro or Firebird and yank the calipers and mounting brackets. The rear axle bolt flange on the third-generation Camaro rear axles is the same as the older and bolt GM rear axlehousings, so these calipers will bolt on virtually any '64 and later or bolt rear axle assembly.

Replacement rotors and pads are inexpensive enough to dismiss those used pieces. A new rotor will measure around 0. More than likely, the caliper will be in decent shape, so all you will need is a new pair of rotors, pads, and new hydraulic hose.

A new replacement hose will be metric, which will require an adapter fitting to adapt the metric hose to an existing hard line, or an aftermarket AN line can be used. The hydraulic fitting into the brake caliper is a 10mm banjo fitting, and Russell makes a straight 10mm banjo fitting with a male -3 AN fitting on the end. The fitting will use a Russell 10 mm x 1. Assuming your car is currently rolling on rear drums, it is critical to include an adjustable proportioning valve somewhere between the master cylinder and the rear calipers.

This provides a way to custom tune the pressure to the rear brakes to compensate for variables such as adding rear discs, tire diameter changes, and ride height. The key is to adjust the pressure to the rear brakes to prevent premature rear brake lockup that can induce a loss of control. The only other installation issue is the parking brake cable connection that in the interest of brevity we'll leave to you. As for pads and rotors, there is a world of options, from basic stock replacement parts that cost almost nothing to drilled and slotted rotors and high-performance pads that are still affordable.

We've listed a few budget rear disc brakes replacement parts, so you have no excuse not to hit the boneyard. Perhaps the biggest hassle in mounting this rear disc brake conversion on an early car is pulling the rear cover to yank the C-clips so the rear axles can be removed.

s10 rear disk brake conversion

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Rear Disc Brake Conversions

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s10 rear disk brake conversion

Not able to find what you are looking for? Any vehicle that will see a fair amount of spirited driving would greatly benefit from an improved braking system, especially if you've added a fair amount of horsepower into the mix. Larger and better ventilated rotors dissipate heat more effectively, and more aggressive pads create more friction against the rotors, but the result is stronger braking, with the tires' friction to the road being a great deciding factor in how short a distance your vehicle will stop in.

Q: What all do brake kits come with? A: Aftermarket brake kits usually include rotors with larger diameters, stainless braided DOT approved front brake lines, a set of new performance brake pads, and front brake calipers and brackets. Q: What does a brake kit do? Why buy a brake kit? A: Aftermarket brake kits often referred to as big brake kits upgrade the factory front brakes by offering better stopping performance and better looks. Rear brake kits are also available but usually sold separate from the front.

GM Rear Drum to Disc Brake Swap

Aftermarket brake kits are a great way to improve your braking system and remove a good amount of un-sprung weight from your vehicle. If you have a high horsepower vehicle, you better be able to stop it in time! Oftentimes just getting new pads won't do the trick, but a big brake kit will.

Q: How do you install a brake kit?

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A: Complete removal of your factory brake setup is required, and the new kit is installed in its place. Factory rubber brake lines will need to be removed as well and replaced with the stainless braided lines. Filter Your Results.

s10 rear disk brake conversion

Brake Kits 2. McGaughys 2. Choose Your Vehicle:. In this video, we explain brake fade and how to avoid it. We made a video to explain all the basics about big brake kits. We explain what exactly they include in the video.Add the safety, reliability and performance of disc brakes to your vehicle with our drum to disc brake conversion kits. Click on a product image below to view more info on your GM 10 bolt rear end disc brake conversion kits. Add the safety, reliability and performance of rear disc brakes to your GM Car or Truck with our drum to disc brake conversion.

In this kit you will receive everything you need to mount single piston disc brakes to your rear axle. All components used in the LEED Brakes kits are new high quality, precision machined products with a zinc plated finish to reduce corrosion and extend the life of your brake system.

The large The heavy duty parking brake caliper will allow you to use most stock and aftermarket parking brake cables to actuate your parking brake.

Cheap Rear Brake Upgrade for your GM 10 Bolt.

The MaxGrip XDS Rotors are precision drilled and slotted to provide better cooling and gas dissipation for maximum grip. The stainless steel braided hoses provide increased protection against tearing or cutting from any debris you may encounter on the road. The Red Powder Coated Calipers, outside of looking cool will also provide corrosion protection to keep your brake system looking and functioning like new. The Black Powder Coated Calipers, outside of looking cool will also provide corrosion protection to keep your brake system looking and functioning like new.

The conversion kits are designed to bolt directly to axle housings with no modifications. Each kit is made to be a direct fit to your vehicles axle with parking brake provisions. Each kit includes precision machined caliper mounting brackets and spacers with a rust resistant zinc plating.

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All calipers are assembled with a 54mm single piston with a built in parking brake. The caliper also receives a zinc plated finish for rust protection. Every caliper is individually tested after assembly to ensure you receive a top quality caliper ready to work out of the box.

All kits include all the necessary mounting hardware and complete instructions to make for an easy installation. Every LEED Brakes product must pass a stringent quality inspection prior to shipment to ensure our customers receive only the highest quality brake products. Installation of our kits is a breeze with step by step installation instructions and expert tech help both on our website as well as live help over the phone.

In most instances your stock master cylinder will work with this kit. Changing your wheel size, axles, adding more weight, power, ect. Our tech team can provide you with a list of master cylinders that will work on your vehicle if you need to improve your pedal feel. Its a really simple procedure. If you do have any questions about the brakes for your rear axle please call our tech experts at No attributes to narrow your search.

Clear Find Parts. Sign In or Create an Account.Foot to the floor for feet when you brake for that bus full of nuns? Upgrade when we show you that putting disc brakes on the rear of a GM car is actually very easy. Watch as we swap out the drums on our '86 Caprice and swap in a set of discs from a '94 Caprice police car.

Which "large OEM" rear disc setup bolts to an S10 8.5" axle?

The good news is that these tricks will work for any GM C-clip-style or bolt axle on nearly every GM car. Reality Check You're probably thinking, "That was too easy," and you're right. Yes, mechanically, the job is simple. You can swap drums for discs in a couple of hours as long as you do your research ahead of time. However, a lot of things can go wrong if you don't.

The axlehousing dimensions are the same on all ''96 Chevrolet B-bodies Chevrolet Caprice and impala are nearly identical under their sheetmetal, and virtually all parts are interchangeable among those model years. We can swap the whole thing into our '86 Caprice, and in doing so, we'll be upgrading from our puny 7. The rear discs are just a bonus. Truthfully, we planned to swap axle assemblies all along. The point of the exercise at the beginning of the article was to demonstrate how quickly you could get mired down in the multitude of variables involved in a rear disc brake swap.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many aftermarket companies offering brake upgrade kits? Or why most car builders or restorers, guys who have no fear of building engines and transmissions, will run aftermarket braking systems on their cars? Well, neither did we until we started researching for this article.

We quickly discovered that trying to cobble together a brake system involves a lot of trial-fitting until you get the combination right. Fine if you've got the time and funds.

Place Your Order When swapping brakes, the after-market really does come to the rescue. The brake companies have done the legwork, and they know what parts work best with each other and what will fit your car.

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They were all in agreement. You can see substantial gains in braking performance when switching to a four-wheel disc system. But there are a few key things to pay attention to.

First, everyone stressed how important it is to design the rear system based on what brakes are on the front wheels.Jan 21, 1. Messages: 5, Likes Received: Last edited: Sep 3, Jan 23, 2.

Messages: Likes Received: 0. Do you have aprox total cost? I would also like to see a write up like this for 1LE brakes? Last edited: Jan 23, Jan 24, 3. I'll work on a 1LE writeup. Jan 24, 4. I am deffinatly gunna do this, thanks for your hard work!!

Guys like you make this hobby great!! Jan 25, 5. Thanks for the write up.

s10 rear disk brake conversion

I have some of the parts already but do you know the part for the caliper brackets or a loaded caliper that comes with them? Jan 25, 6. Jan 25, 7. Messages: 3, Likes Received: 0. Good job and great information Woody! Jan 27, 8. Thanks for the great info in this post, i already started gathering parts for the swap, but what did u use for the rear lines? Jan 28, 9. My buddy who got the opposite-staggered rear said the single rubber hose to the whole rear was standard and all he had to do was thread it in.


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